Meeting and Conference Rooms

Because of COVID-19, we are temporarily limiting the number of people allowed in our Conference Rooms until further notice.

See below for safety  information.


Usage of the rooms is subject to a 10 hour per month limit, per organization. Requests in excess of this in a given month will be subject to review and approval. RAP Foundation tenants may reserve the rooms six (6) months in advance and NPO Centric Members may reserve four (4) months in advance, all other requests are allowed no more than two (2) months in advance.

Usage Policies:  All organizations that wish to use our meeting rooms are required to provide a certificate of liability insurance with RAP Foundation listed under the certificate holder.  Please send your certificate to Mireya Reyes at

Request is subject to availability. Submitting the form does not automatically reserve the room, you MUST receive a confirmation from RAP Staff.  Include the name AND cell phone for your meeting organizer, the person who will be onsite to run the meeting.

Usage Policies

Rooms are available during normal business hours and on weekends subject to the following fees, and availability

RAP Foundation promotes usage of multi-use water containers

RAP Foundation/NPO Centric promotes usage of multi-use water containers vs. disposable plastic bottles.  A filtered water station with both cold and hot water is available in the kitchen, as well as a smaller version in the alcove off Room 103 (sign says “Water”).

Trash Policy

You are expected to collect your own trash/waste and dump it in the large trash can in the kitchen, or take it out to the dumpster if a larger quantity (staff can assist you in location). Room MUST be returned to original layout and all tables wiped down and cleared of any debris.

Room Equipment

If a laptop or technical accessories are provided, they must be returned to the front desk or RAP/CNA staff. Users will be held responsible for any lost or damage equipment and/or accessories. If you are requiring the use of a laptop or any techinical accessories, your request MUST be received 72-hours in advance via the room request form or email or you will need to bring your own equipment and you will be responsible for the set-up.