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RAP Board Meeting

February 23, 2022 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am

February 23, 2022 9:00 AM
Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82028475969
Dial by your location:
1 669 900 6833
Meeting ID:  820 2847 5969
Printable Agenda

This meeting is being conducted utilizing teleconferencing and electronic means as well as in-person at the RAP Foundation office. Members of the public may be able to participate by telephone or Zoom call as listed above.  Reasonable accommodation: Individuals with a disability requiring reasonable accommodation to attend or participate in this meeting may request assistance by emailing MReyes@RAPFoundation.org.  Notification of 48 hours prior to the meeting start time will enable us to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to the meeting.


II. Approval of the AGENDA
In order to meet Brown Act requirements. Items may be added to the agenda only upon decision by a majority of the Board of Directors to add the item because of a need for immediate action.

Motion: Second: Approve: Denial: Abstention Names:



Any individual wishing to comment on the agenda or an item not on the agenda may do so by emailing Mreyes@RAPFoundation.org or calling in at the number above. All emailed comments must be received prior to 9:00 AM. Persons wishing to speak on general comments regarding non-agenda items will be called for at this time. Specific comments regarding agenda items will be called for during discussion of each item. Please be prepared to limit your Public Comment remarks to three (3) minutes.

Voices for Children – Executive Director Jessica Munoz to make a presentation.

IV. CONSENT ITEMS: Action Required
A. Draft Minutes of Board Meeting on January 26, 2022 (Attach #1)
B. NPO Centric DIRECTOR REPORT (Attach. #2) – Receive and file.
C. CEO’s REPORT (Attach. #3) – Receive and file.
GRANT DIRECTOR’s REPORT (Attach #4) – Receive and file.
RESOLUTION 2022.07 ( Attach. #5)
In order to continue to have the flexibility to hold remote public meetings, AB 361 requires the public agency’s Board of Directors to pass a resolution re-ratifying the state of emergency and reauthorizing remote teleconference meetings on a monthly basis.

Staff Recommendation: To receive and file the January 26, 2022 BOD Minutes, NPO Centric Report, CEO Report, Finance Report, Grants Director Report and Resolution 2022.07.

Motion: Second: # Approve: #Denial: Abstention Names:



V. NEW BUSINESS ITEMS – Action Required

   A. FINANCE DIRECTOR REPORT – Receive and file.
Statement of Activity for period July 2021- January 31, 2022 (Attach. #6a) and Statement of Financial Position Comparison as of January 31, 2022. (Attach. #6b) The Board Treasurer will briefly review statements and address questions.

Finance Committee Recommendation: To receive and file the Financial Statements for period ending January 31, 2022.

Motion: Second: # Approve: #Denial: Abstention Names:



B. Riverside County Public Health has notified RAP of an opportunity to continue the Tobacco Retail and Coalition Engagement for Two Years – $20,000 annually (Attach.# 7 and Attach. #8). This would require RAP hiring a person to perform the duties.  However, the funding will only allow for a limited number of hours.  Therefore, the County has identified another funding opportunity, the Nutrition and Health Promotion grant for $110,000 annually to possibly be extended for multi-years. If approved, the CEO would proceed with working with the County to formulate the Agreements.  The target date to start this partnership would be April or May.

Executive Committee Recommendation: For the Board to move forward in pursuing the two grant opportunities and partnering with the County to encourage healthy living to residents in the Fourth Supervisorial District.

Motion: Second: # Approve: #Denial: Abstention Names:



 C. Desert View Power (DVP) is owned by Greenleaf Energy. DVP is located in Mecca.  It is a “woody biomass” electrical generation facility – meaning all of the fuel comes from wood that is a “waste” in various urban and agricultural processes.  They are in the process of extending their 10 year agreement for an additional 5 years.  Imperial Irrigation District is the agency which issues the permit and will consider their permit in early March.  DVP has requested a Letter of Support.

 Executive Committee Recommendation: To direct the CEO to prepare a Letter of Support and include  RAP’s purpose, the Board’s interest in environmental and health issues and by having access to this      service likely reduces illegal dumping.

Due to need to provide the letter by Feb. 18 to be included in the IID Board packet, the CEO sent the attached Letter of Support, incorporating the Executive Committee’s comments. (Attach. #8a and Attach. #8b)

Motion: Second: # Approve: #Denial: Abstention Names:



D. Funding RequestsAction Required

Review YTD Grants Tracker (Attach. #9)


        Organization: PALMS TO PINES PARASPORTS
Program: Collegiate/Community Adaptive Sports Day
Requested Amount: $2500
Representative: Michael Rosenkrantz
Reviewer’s Scores: n/a
Prior RAP Funding: Last Year’s Mental Health Initiative $10,000
(Event dependent on COVID Guidelines)
Collaborating with College of the Desert (Courtney Doussett), CSUSB-PD (Sarah Dunn), Desert Recreation District Adaptive (Kendra Smith) and numerous other local organizations are holding the first COD Collegiate/Community Adaptive Sports Day on March 12.  The event offers people with disabilities and their friends and family members the opportunity to experience wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, boccia, pickleball, baseball, golf, soccer, volleyball and potentially other sports. Equipment and expert coaching will be offered to engage and recruit people with disabilities to participate in consistent adaptive sport offerings.   A number of organizations will also be vendors, providing information about their services at this event.
The goal is to create awareness about opportunities being offered in the CV, mainly in Palm Desert and Indio to participate in adaptive sports.  Hikes which take place throughout the area.  The purpose is to get people moving.










Grants Committee Recommendation: To approve the Sponsorship Request of $2500.

Motion: Second: #Approve: #Denial: Abstention Names: NPO Membership? Y/N



  1. Special Sponsorship Funding Request
Program: SIA Award Event
Requested Amount: $8,000
Representative: Pat Cooper
Reviewer’s Scores: N/A
Prior RAP Funding: Ongoing (as fiscal agent)
The Senior Inspiration Awards is a beloved event in its 30th year. Every year, the County of Riverside and the Coachella Valley’s nine cities honor senior citizens 65 years of age and older who inspire others through their volunteerism and active engagement in the community. This annual event honors these unsung heroes for their ongoing contribution and dedication to our communities.  The awards ceremony will be held at the Fantasy Springs Resort.
RAP’s funds would go towards the grants to the nonprofits identified by the honorees $500 x 11 = $5500.  In addition, RAP would provide Income In-Kind fiscal sponsor duties valued at $2500.
The amount exceeds the maximum $2500 per event.  However, the Board previously approved the increased amount with the expectation that the annual event would acknowledge Jean Benson with the RAP contribution.










 Grants Committee Recommendation: To approve the Special Grant Request of $8,000.   

Motion: Second: #Approve: #Denial: Abstention Names: NPO Membership? Y/N



 VI. NPO Centric (NPOC)
      Stephanie Minor will provide a brief presentation of NPOC activities.

VII. Committee Assignments for Calendar Year 2022. (Attach. #10)


a. BOARD ATTENDANCE for 2022 ( Attach. #11)
b. EXECUTIVE–Met February 14. January 19 Minutes ( Attach. #12).  Next meeting March 14.
c. HEALTH-MENTAL HEALTH – Cancelled the Feb. and March meetings. Next meeting TBD.
d. GRANTS –Met February 14. 20 Minutes attached (Attach. #13).  Next meeting March 14.
e. NPO Centric–Met February 16. Minutes for October 20, 2021 and Jan. 19, 2022 meetings (Attach. #14a and Attach. #14b). Next meeting March 16.
f. FACILITIES Met Dec. 8 & Dec. 13. Approved Minutes (Attach. #15a & Attach. #15b).  Next meeting Feb. 23.
g. GOVERNANCE – Met Feb. 15. Minutes for Jan. 18 meeting. ( Attach. #16). Next meeting May 17.
h. AUDIT – Next meeting in April to consider the Form 990.
i. FINANCE & INVESTMENT –Met Feb. 14. Jan. 24 Minutes (Attach. # 17).  Next meeting March 14.

Please remember to submit Form 700s and Annual Conflict of Interest Forms.

Introduce RAP’s newest team member Sandy Garcia.

Senior Inspiration Awards Luncheon will take place on March 31 at 11:00 at Fantasy Springs Casino.
Please notify Mireya if you are interested in attending the event.

 X. ADJOURNMENT: Next meeting is March 23, 2022 at 9:00 AM.
Agenda Posting: Agendas will be posted on the Foundation website at https://www.rapfoundation.org a minimum of 72 hours prior to the meeting date. All public record documents for matters on the open session of the Agenda are available for inspection upon request three (3) days prior to the meeting date.  If a public record document that relates to a matter on the open session of the Agenda is distributed less than 72 hours prior to the meeting date, the public record document shall be available for inspection at the same time it is distributed at the address listed above. Upon request, this agenda will be made available in appropriate alternative formats to persons with disabilities, as required by Section 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.


February 23, 2022
9:00 am - 11:00 am