Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
How does the RAP Foundation serve the community?

The Regional Access Project Foundation (RAP) Inc. incorporated in 1992 as a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation in order to address unmet needs in health, mental health and juvenile intervention for residents of eastern Riverside County through grants and technical assistance to not for profit service providers.

I am interested in learning more about being on the Board of Directors. How do I join?

We are always looking for motivated Board candidates who support our mission and have a strong skill set to help guide the RAP Foundation and set organizational governance.
Do you have compassion for those in need in the Coachella Valley? Do you believe you have unique qualities that can make an impact on our organization and those we serve?
If so, we would like to more about you! Please email our CEO, Leticia DeLara, with some information about you and how best to reach you. Her email address is:

How is the RAP Foundation managed?

The Administration of the RAP Foundation consists of a local Board of Directors and a CEO. Dedicated managers and coordinators oversee each of our programs.

What is NPO Centric?

NPO Centric is a program of the RAP Foundation. It is a supportive resource for nonprofits in Riverside County, with their offices located inside of the RAP Foundation building located at 41550 Eclectic St, Palm Desert, CA 92260. NPO Centric helps nonprofits become more effective by sharing proven practices, promoting solutions, and identifying and sharing emerging trends that benefit nonprofit organizations and those they serve. NPO Centric helps with building strong, resilient organizations by providing knowledge, resources, and systems to sustain today’s successful programs while growing their impact over time. For more information, visit the website

Can I have more information about the Desert Fast Pitch?

Desert Fast Pitch is a grant competition put on by the RAP Foundation and the NPO Centric. It’s held each year in November, and it’s a great way for nonprofit organizations to compete for cash prizes to refine their message, attracting more donors, funders, and volunteers. 12 nonprofits go all out for grant funding, they complete a series of seminars that empower them with valuable tools to make their nonprofits stronger and more sustainable.
The Desert Fast Pitch is also designed to teach them how to craft a compelling three-minute message for an audience and a panel of judges. For more information, please email NPO Centric Director, Stephanie Minor at