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The RAP Foundation desires to partner with qualified nonprofit and public organizations to improve the quality of life for eastern Riverside County residents across three core areas: 1) Health; 2) Mental Health; and, 3) Juvenile Intervention.

In order to foster new, creative, sustainable, and impactful ideas within the core areas, the Board of Directors uses strategic planning to consider unmet need and establish funding priorities.

A true partnership between grant seekers and the RAP Foundation is both desired and essential. To this end a three stage RFP process is utilized to assist grant seekers in aligning their new, creative, sustainable, and impactful ideas with established funding goals.

Stage One - Initial Proposal. During this initial stage grant seekers learn about the funding goal(s) and submit a brief project or program "proposal." Staff reviews all proposals and select the best new, creative, sustainable, and impactful ideas to advance to the next stage.

Stage Two - Refinement. During the Refinement stage, grant seekers and RAP Foundation staff work together to refine and develop the fundable idea so that it is: 1) operational from the grant seeker's perspective; 2) in alignment with the established funding goals; and, 3) organized so that outcome data can be captured and reported. Successful completion of this stage allows the applicant to move to the third and final stage.

Stage Three - Final Proposal. At this stage grant seekers have a finely tuned, potentially fundable idea and are prepared to write a thoughtful, in-depth final proposal. If funded, the applicant organization may be required to use professional consultant assistance provided by RAP's Technical Assistance Program (TAP) during implementation.

AVAILABILITY:  Requests For Proposals are released at the Foundation's Board's direction with no specific timing.

cvHIP  Health resources in the Coachella Valley
cvHIP Health resources in the Coachella Valley

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