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Hi Lety,

We are all so excited that the app is being used and working really well for youth in need. I wanted you to see this note from Daniella Gross, our lead therapist. It’s about an incident that happened over the weekend. We are particularly heartened to see that What’s Up is being used by victims of human trafficking.  Please share it with the rest of RAP staff and board. We all appreciate your support and guidance so much.

Recently, The What’s Up Safehouse mobile app and texting line received a text from a 19-year-old female stating she had escaped a human trafficking situation in which she was lured to California from out of state under the guise that she would be working in the fashion industry in Los Angeles. She quickly learned that was not the case, as she was being sold for sex. She was able to escape her captures and found her way to Riverside County. She contacted the What’s Up Safehouse line and asked for help. Through encouragement and unconditional positive regard, I was able to keep her in a conversation for several days. During that time I was able to link her to the Safehouse Transitional Living Program in Riverside, as well as Path of Life emergency shelter. She is currently in the process of entering the TLP and receiving the care she needs to recover from her trauma.

On another note, we did receive some money from The Desert Regional Auxiliary. The money will purchase a few mobile charging stations. We think it will a perfect way encourage youth to stop by our booth at events; they can charge their phones, and we can tell them about the app!

Hope you are staying cool,

Mary Battin

SafeHouse of the Desert

Sustainability Officer

72710 East Lynn Street

Thousand Palms, CA 92276

C 760-567-9421

F 760-771-0025

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cvHIP Health resources in the Coachella Valley

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