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Regional Access Project Foundation Newsletter
The Rethink Your Drink campaign celebrated a couple of milestones on June 10: the installation of 17 water stations and the reduction 100,000 plastic bottles to landfills.
This fall, the second installment of the Regional Access Project’s Communications Conference is again synchronized with ‘Desert Fast Pitch,’ a gameshow- like competition which teaches nonprofits how to tell their stories to potential funders—and leads to some instantaneous results...
Regional Access Project Foundation Newsletter
Community leaders and public health officials will gather on Friday, February 6, to unveil a new water station at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School. Event participants will highlight the benefits associated with improving access to safe drinking water throughout the community.
"...Momentum for water access in schools and communities is growing. This ceremony marked the seventh station installed in Coachella Valley, the result of inspiring partnership between the Regional Access Project (RAP) Foundation, Building Healthy Communities Eastern Coachella Valley and he Riverside County Department of Public Health...."
Newsmaker: Leticia De Lara, CEO for the Regional Access Project Foundation, in conversation with James Folmer.
Boys and Girls Club: Out of our Mecca Club, the New Beginnings program is very proud to present “My Voice”.  The New Beginnings program provides healing opportunities and educational enrichment activities for adolescent girls in Mecca.  This video was created in partnership with GlobalGirl Media to empower, activate and inspire young women through media leadership training.  This is one, among several videos, that were recorded, edited and produced by our girls!

cvHIP  Health resources in the Coachella Valley
cvHIP Health resources in the Coachella Valley

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