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Giving Information:

Donations: The RAP Foundation is a tax exempt public benefit corporation as identified in Section 501 C (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Gifts to the RAP Foundation are charitable contributions. The RAP Foundation does accept donations and gifts which provide the flexibility necessary for the foundation to address unmet needs that currently exist or may arise during the year.

Estate Planning: Consider a planned charitable gift to the RAP Foundation. While the foundation accepts donations of cash, we are also able to accept real estate, bequests through wills, trust agreements and may be the beneficiary of an insurance policy. Speak to your estate planning attorney or financial advisor regarding gifts that may provide you with income and then a charitable gift to the RAP Foundation.

Shop: Every time you shop the stores in the Costco Shopping Center on Dinah Shore and Monterey in Palm Desert you help local charities. A piece of funding to the RAP Foundation comes from an agreement with the County of Riverside resulting from an agreement between the County and the City of Palm Desert where the sales tax is matched and passed to the RAP Foundation to be used to provide services in eastern Riverside County.

Gifts may be made directly to the RAP Foundation; however, estate planning requires the assistance of your financial advisor, estate or tax planning attorney or your CPA. Please be aware that the IRS regulates charitable donations. In the event that you itemize your deductions, please speak to your tax advisor regarding the actual amount that may be deducted for charitable purposes.

Always consult a qualified professional when considering donations to a charitable organization. Be selective about your charitable contributions. Make sure the charity does what it says it does.

cvHIP  Health resources in the Coachella Valley
cvHIP Health resources in the Coachella Valley

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