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Winning state and federal grants can be an important strategy for diversifying your revenue. So few foundations make multi-year grants anymore, and even fewer, it seems, are willing to fund large programs. However, even seasoned grants professionals are often intimidated by state and federal grants. Fortunately, you can take some simple, concrete steps to assess whether government grants are right for your organization, and you can master the techniques needed to compete in the government arena. If you are just starting out, here are the most important steps you can take:
ake a minute to think about all the places your nonprofit uses photographs – your website, the blog, social media, brochures, etc. The list could go on and on. Here’s a question to ponder: Are any of those pictures infringing someone else’s copyright? If they are, you could be forced to pay damages.
Strategy is where you make the most difference with limited funds  
Don’t roll the dice with your online engagement tool! Firefly Partners wants to make sure that our nonprofit clients are using the right platform for communication, events, advocacy and more. We’ve got a unique perspective on the online engagement tool marketplace - and we created a guide that covers six commonly used systems. Start the search for your next online tool with Firefly’s FREE Nonprofit Guide to Online Engagement Tools--> Download the FREE guide now!
4 Ways to Get in the Know About SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Jun 10, 2016 Have you heard the buzz about sustainable development goals (SDGs)? You may have heard that this is a global effort that involves 17 goals lead by the UN and global leaders.
Jun 7, 2016 This guest post is from Dana Textoris, Executive Consultant, Grants Plus
Cody Krupp, Sports Reporter, POSTED: 06:35 PM PDT May 26, 2016   
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cvHIP  Health resources in the Coachella Valley
cvHIP Health resources in the Coachella Valley

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